Technical control

Mechanical tests

The laboratory is competent to carry out mechanical and technological tests in accordance with the applicable standards SIST, EN, DIN, ISO and ASTM. Mechanical tests, in most cases supplemented by chemical and metallographical investigation, completes the knowledge of the properties of metallic materials.


  • Standard tensile and bending tests of materials to load 600 kN at room temperature, and tensile testing at elevated temperatures of up to +1200°C 
  • Measurement of hardness by Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell by a static and portable hardness measuring tool 
  • Impact test toughness at room, elevated and low temperatures (-196°C)


  • A universal testing machine Zwick, 600 kN, for tensile ( SIST EN ISO 6892-1) and bending tests (SIST EN ISO 7438) at room temperature;
  • A universal testing machine hybrid (mechanical hydraulic) Zwick, 600 kN, for tensile and bending tests at room temperature;
  • A universal testing machine Zwick, 100 kN, for tensile and bending tests at room temperature and tensile tests at elevated temperature (SIST EN ISO 6892 – 2);
  • A device for measuring toughness Zwick / Röell Amsler by means of Charpy to 650J at ambient, elevated and low temperatures (SIST EN ISO 148 – 1);
  • A device for measuring the toughness by means of Charpy MF to 300J at ambient, elevated and low temperatures; 
  • Devices for measuring hardness by Rockwell (Oficina Galileo), Brinell (Wolpert) and Vickers (Heckert) 
  • Portable hardness meters Wick, MFL, and Mohr Federshaft

Non-destructive investigation
The purpose of non-destructive tests is the determination of homogeneity, or the adequacy of basic materials in accordance with regulatory requirements and standards. This includes investigations conducted on the ground, with control over the industry products. For work in the field, we have a mobile laboratory equipped with calibrated equipment used by staff who are internationally certified in accordance with EN 473 and SNT-TC-1A (CP-189).


  • Investigations by liquid penetrant (PT) 
  • Ultrasonic control (UT) 
  • Ultrasonic measurement of wall thickness 
  • Control chemical analysis of metals (PMI test)


  • U.S. Krautkrämer control apparatus for homogeneity, of types: USM 25, USM 35, USK 7S and USL 32 
  • U.S. Krautkrämer apparatus for measuring thickness, of types: CL204 (do10mm), CL3DL (10mm) and DM4 (do200mm) 
  • Spektrosort portable spectrometer and Niton portable X-ray analyzer

Calibration of length criteria

The laboratory is qualified for the calibration of micrometers up to 100mm (DIN 863) movable scale up to 1000mm (DIN 862), tape measure up to 20m (DIN 6403) and measuring device up to 10mm an hour (DIN 878 and DIN 879).