Special library

The special library at SIJ Acroni contains books, magazines, and information on ferrous metallurgy, as well as on metallic materials, engineering, the economy, electrotechnics, energetics, electronics, computer science, chemistry, physics, mathematics, management, ecology and law.

In the library the following services are offered to both Acroni employees and external customers:

Information services:

  • Selective dissemination of information (SDI); 
  • Retrospective inquiry (RP); 
  • Information connected to standards, for instance: validity, information on steel designations according to various standards and their comparison; 
  • Thematic inquiries from European and American standards (steels); 
  • Inquiries from online connections: SIST, ISO, IEC, national standards: DIN, BS, NF, virtual library of Slovenija COBISS/OPAC. 

Borrowing from our own fund of knowledge:

  • Books, monographs, reference books, dictionaries, research projects, collections of scientific papers, reference literature, dissertations; 
  • Slovenian magazines and newspapers; 
  • Foreign magazines, standards, brochures and data collections. 

Inter-library borrowing
Customer education
Organization of exhibitions, including displays of innovations, in the library
Referral activity
Marketing activities: promotion of information, offering of information services to other research departments.

The programs used in the library are:

  • COBISS2/ categorization (license for input of data to COBISS and taking data from WorldCat in format MARC 21); 
  • COBISS3/ purchase (monograph in serial publication); 
  • COBISS3/ stock (books, magazines, newspapers, scientific works, research projects, diplomas, doctoral dissertations); 
  • COBISS3/borrowing (evidence of members, borrowed books, magazines; reservations, circulation of serial publications); 
  • COBISS3/inter-library borrowing (borrowing of material from the library COBISS system and lending of our own material to other libraries).

Evidence of standards and their users is carried out by Knjižnično informacijski sistem (KIS-a) – a library information system.