Chemistry Sector

CHEMICAL LABORATORIES - laboratories accredited to the standard SIST EN ISO / IEC 17025

We are an extremely competent, high quality, fast and reliable partner in the implementation of laboratory services in all areas of our activities.
In an effort to achieve high quality laboratory services, we have established the quality system standard SIST EN ISO / IEC 17025, which ensures the independence and impartiality of our laboratories and international comparability of test results.

Our chemical laboratories are accredited by Slovenian accreditation and authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning for monitoring contaminants in wastewater and construction waste.

Services are performed in accordance with national and international standards using modern measurement equipment. The test methods are well-developed and flexible for the requirements of our customers.

The laboratory offers services at competitive prices

The chemical laboratories operate within ACRONI, d.o.o., and are responsible for the quality of chemical analyses. They include a workshop laboratory for the preparation of samples, a mean chemical laboratory, a laboratory for the monitoring of steel production in the steel plant and a separate working chemical laboratory in the cold processing plant.

With regard to environmental protection, wastewater monitoring is carried out in order to monitor the operation of industrial wastewater treatment plants, and to produce estimates of the waste for the needs of our operations, as well as for external customers.


Wastewater (industrial, municipal)


Metallic materials (steel, nickel alloys, tin alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, etc)
Input materials for production (Fe-alloys, lime, oil, varnish, acids, etc)
Waste, dust, mud, etc
Wastewater (industrial, municipal)
Monitoring of processes


Modern measuring equipment, accredited methods, and successful participation in inter-laboratory comparative analysis ensure the quality of our laboratory services.

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