Employee care

SIJ Acroni is one of the largest employers in Slovenia. A strong commitment to social dialogue and responsible behavior towards our employees gives the company a very good reputation. We strive for excellence in business, so our employees are expected to be committed, involved and have plenty of initiative.

We understand that our employees are at the heart of business success, so we are building a supportive environment which encourages teamwork, creativity, and innovative approaches to work. Thoughtful and focused employment policies, together with lifelong education programs, which are provided to our employees through both formal and internal education programs as well as conferences and seminars, bring the appropriate expertise and knowledge necessary to reach our ambitious strategic goals and the business excellence we are committed to.

A healthy and safe working environment is key to achieving business goals. In this regard, we have committed ourselves to increase awareness and prevent work-related injuries through several prevention programs and changes in work processes, with an emphasis on the preservation of the health of our employees.

In addition to incentive schemes our concern is also to provide a safe carefree retirement for our employees, and we have created a pension scheme with Pokojninska družba A.

SIJ Acroni consistently follows legislation and applicable collective agreements and reward workers for overtime hours at a premium;, and pay workers in monetary means only and in full.